Java Coffee team comprises of people with experience in growing and roasting coffee together with organizing events, but above all it comprises of people dedicated to forming and raising quality standards along with keeping up with the trends in the world of coffee.

Primarily, we want to introduce Java Coffee to our market as a Specialty Roaster where we promote the importance of freshly roasted coffee and its preparation. Working in the service industry has helped us develop our ability to hear the heartbeat of the market and help business growth with our clients.

Although we are primarily dedicated to roasting high quality coffee, Java Coffee has been devoted to forming a diverse offer of high quality products since its foundation. As a part of our offer, apart from the different kinds of coffee, you can also find 100% natural teas, a selection of hot chocolate, aromatic soups as well as coffee making equipment.

In order to ensure a continuous quality in product preparation and delivering, our baristas perform organized trainings for your staff in addition to regular quality control.

Apart from staff training, seasonal recipes and continuous quality control, we also provide assistance with servicing and maintenance of the equipment as well as spare parts supply.

In each segment of our business philosophy, we aim to react to the needs of our clients with agility and our polite staff is ready to help you and answer all of your questions.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Java Coffee brand and the terms and conditions, call us, send an email to office@javacoffee.rs or fill out a contact form below: